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Updated 29 January 2015

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Just Some Thoughts...

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From A Layman's THEOLOGY:It may be that many Christians cannot get the priorities of prayer straight. For too many, prayer may be the exercise of "final resort" rather than the exercise of "first resort." In terms of the day, the time for prayer is at dawn, not at midnight. Praying at the outset is much better than praying only at the onset. A locomotive engineer friend once had about eleven seconds to "do something" when he realized his train was heading down a steep grade at high speed head-on into derailed cars of another train. After placing the brakes in "emergency," he quickly jumped from his seat on the first engine and, pushing the brakeman before him, raced over the running boards of two engines to the second of his three diesel engines, then pushed the brakeman inside where they and the flagman waited out the crash, which they survived. When asked how he could have reacted so quickly he explained that he had long-since formulated that exact plan in his mind in case he ever faced such a situation. So it is with the Christian. Living in the attitude of "unceasing prayer" provides the formula that will prescribe and inculcate the proper outcome relative to any situation, whether, death, grief, pain, illness, timidity or even great pleasure involving the good things that can sometimes "turn a Christian's head."

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Clark's Corner -

New Kerry&Taylor Agent

Mon Cher John Kerry,

Although Je ne suis pas Charlie but appreciate that tu es Charlie, as you would insist that people everywhere should be (dodging fatwas, of course—little joke there), I'm writing to suggest you use the services of the Department for Instilling Promulgations of Love Overcoming Murders and Tortures, usually known by its acronym DIPLOMAT, of which Je suis CEO. Your genius in having James Taylor sing “You've Got a Friend” to the French president the other day, along with your hugging him twice or thrice to calm French discomfiture over the assassinations at “Hebdo,” will move you toward legend-hood in the hallowed ledger of Secretaries of State. It doesn't hurt, also, as rumor has it, that you considered English as your second language at Yale and tried to get “Skull and Bones” changed to “Crâne et Tibias.”

One agency at DIPLOMAT that will help is the Rhythmic Options for Classical Kinetics, known as ROCK, for short. It will help you choose American music that will endear the U.S. to the French, who, as everyone knows, hate everybody up to and including themselves. George Gershwin's tone poem “An American in Paris” comes to mind, having even the taxi-horns in the movement. Also, someone like Tony Bennett singing that pensive “La Vie en Rose” with a cool quartet (piano, sax, bass, drums) would have French women in a swoon, nothing like Taylor and his guitar, blue jeans and sandals?—I don't remember. Bennett would be coat-and-tie, have his hair combed and sing on pitch. “You've Got a Friend” ditsy. Parisians don't want friends...they need money and the National Guard to clean out the no-go-zones. ROCK is an unintended acronym but in the U.S. great music is either amplified and done in clouds of mary-jane smoke or consigned to the netherworld.

Another agency for help is tagged Rhyming for Asinine Poems, or RAP, for short. The music (actually people beating mostly on anything handy, sometimes each other) is designed to greatly offend Muslims—actually everyone, though the French may not be offended since the lyrics are sort of racy and the French are known for such things as prime ministers with harems and may not recognize the goodwill gesture. Perhaps the most elite artist is Gangsta-Rapper Drake, so maybe he could go over and “recite” his big hit “The Motto,” which has this uber-intellectual line, “almost drowned in her pussy so I swam to her butt.” might send another rap-king, Bruno Mars, whose “Locked Out of Heaven” has this French-toned line, “Your sex takes me to paradise.” Get it? The shooters knew they would inevitably be killed and thus headed, according to the late Imam al-Awlaki, to join him in paradise with their own 72 virgins apiece. Another rapper, using a revered rap-word for woman—bitch—is rumored to be putting together a new masterpiece called “Beating Burka Bitches Back to Baghdad Bared and Bruised.” He's already claimed he'll make a half-billion on it. He's mostly using lyrics applied to cops and mothers in the U.S.

Then there's Diplomat's agency, Bureau for Appealing Love Lyrics and Ditties—you guessed it, BALLAD, for short. This is a work in progress since most of the appropriate music was written 1900-1960, especially in the 20s-50s and today's U.S. singers aren't actually singers, a requirement for this music. The male award winners sing into a mike a half-inch from their mouths, sound raspy or hoarse or both and have no intention to sing words anyone will hear over the bedlam of the amps. Maybe someone like Harry Connick could go over and sing old-fashioned stuff like “More than You Know” or “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” or “Stardust,” national life-sanity-saving-stuff during World War II and Korea in both France and the U.S. Girl-singers are more interested in bump-and-grind nudity than music so they can't out-French the French in that. Beyonce might go over and lip-synch the French national anthem La Marseillaise like she did the U.S. national anthem during the last inauguration but they would hardly notice. Anyway, if she should take a bow and flash the whole country there might be an incident.

In any case, cher John, give DIPLOMAT some serious thought in the interest of showing solidarity with the French. Let ROCK, RAP and BALLAD help you do better than James Taylor the next time. We also have plans for other nations, too, especially the ones insulted by the administration on practically a daily basis, like the Brits, for instance.

Bien Cordialement,
Je Suis Otherself, CEO

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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A Hymn of Justice:

O God of Right (pdf).

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A Thought for the Day:

Crusades Redux
[Death to the Infidel!]

The modern version of the Moor
Is on the scene throughout mankind
In be deplored,
His scimitar by blood defined;
Just as the Moor took over Spain –
Eighth-century catastrophe,
He now declares the world his plain...
With death-to-infidels decree.

The Moor's appearance hearkens back
Some twelve or thirteen centuries
To crusaders on the attack,
The Holy City thus to seize;
Those wars with Moors were won or lost
On battlefields by fearsome men,
Gross, dreadful bloodshed as the cost
To which the warriors gave amen.

Not so today...with wars of Moors
Who use their swords to terrorize
Whole populations – make them whores
To servitude...or face demise;
In killing innocents they strive
To bring the decent under heel,
The better to keep all alive
By backing down from well-honed steel.

But now strong nations have no choice,
They must fight Moors to bitter end,
The weaker nations have no voice
And on the stronger ones depend;
Well advertised by jihad throng
Is just one goal—make world a hell—
Spawn caliphate Islamic-strong
To rule or kill the infidel.

The modern Moor fights modern Moor,
Sunnis, Shi'ites fight each to kill,
Bloodletting...all its grime and gore...
Is what they know and deal with skill;
But infidels they all despise
And in their false-god Allah's name
Unite to bring torture, demise
To infidels...and with no shame.

And so crusading has been forced
On populations – civilized –
To rid the world of those endorsed
—To make the whole world terrorized—
By imams, ayatollahs, crude,
Who threaten in religion's name
The infidel – no one exclude.
But they must freedom's name.

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GONE SECULAR & Other Poems is a fifth book of poetry, a genre not observed since the first volume, published eleven years ago, until 2012, this being the fourth since then and including a handful of verses from other volumes. The intervening years were devoted to prose of one kind or another…novels, short stories, satire, philosophy and, of course, Internet-driven blogs. Another poetic endeavor during that time was the writing of church hymns, both texts and music, and a book of commentaries concerning them. Though not by design, all the books in verse have had the element of time as a sort of anchor, perhaps because the writer is long-in-the-tooth. This volume has to do with a time-frame that might be called “secular.” All sorts of subjects are treated though this volume may be more politically prolific than the others; however, all have expressed concerns about governance, particularly in the United States. In the writer’s view, the nation, besides suffering under poor governance currently, is also suffering a moral emergency, with the government aiding and abetting – if not causing – a moral decline. While sin is defined by God, morals are determined by the individual and each is entitled to his own soapbox…or pulpit. Religion (including religious practices…or malpractices) is also an important subject handled in this offering, not surprising since the writer’s faith is of utmost importance. Also included are short vignette-like pictures in verse that tell a story, some of them from other eras of the nation's history. A number have to do with the threat of militant Islam, which is terrorizing huge populations of the world, particularly in the Middle East and much of sub-Sahara Africa. The writer hopes to at least provoke thought and prefers poems marked by rhyme and rhythm (discipline) rather than free verse, much if not most of which is in the form of short essays broken into segments, with or without punctuation.

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REMEMBER IWO JIMA...16 February/16 March 1945...WWII

6,821 Americans killed; 20,000 Japanese killed

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