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Updated 15 September 2014

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Just a Thought...

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From A Layman's THEOLOGY:Those who believe that God planned everything that would ever happen before the creation are forced to concede that God planned for Adam to fail. The illogic of such a thing is palpable. To assert that God knew in advance of Adam's failure but did not plan it and therefore should not be held accountable is to give assent to the notion that God was either not good since He not only did not help Adam but actually contributed to his misery or was powerless to conduct the affairs of His own creation. Either option should be totally unacceptable. To believe that such foreknowledge (actually foreordination) was operative on God's part is to believe that God intended for the devil to not only tempt but to overpower Adam, then consequently visit Adam's sinfulness upon all who would ever live. To believe this about God is indeed arrogant, at best, and totally disrespectful of God, at worst. Such a belief would be the very antithesis of worship.

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Jobs & National Defense

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in August 2008 the non-farming civilian labor force (workers age 16 and older) numbered 154,641,000. In August 2014, it numbered 155,959,000, for an increase in six years of less than one percent while the population grew about four percent. If it had grown at the rate of population growth, the work force would number about 163,000,000, or about 7 million more taxpayers than contribute now, especially important since nearly half of all households pay no taxes.

In August 2008, the unemployed workers numbered 9,438,000. In August 2014, that number was 9,591,000, or an increase in the unemployed of 1.6%. The officially announced unemployment rate in August of both 2008 and 2014 was the same, 6.1%. Obviously, the facts give the lie to the current unemployment rate claimed by the administration unless, of course, either the books have been cooked or there are mitigating circumstances.

There are circumstances alright, but aggravating rather than mitigating. According to the BLS, in August there were 2,141,000 workers marginally attached to the work force, i.e., they want to work, are available and classified as looking for work for at least a year, but not for the last four weeks. There are 775,000 who are absolutely discouraged. So, the unemployment figure actually is not 9,591,000 but 11,732,000 (not counting the discouraged), or 25% greater than the unemployment number in August 2008. The official unemployment rate of 6.1% is fiction. It's at least 8%, probably much higher.

The constant drumbeat by the administration about all the jobs that have been “created” in any period since 2008 is ill advised in light of the figures. The practical concern has to do with job-loss as well as job-creation. The impact of job-loss since 2008 far outweighs that of job-creation. The bottom line has to do with with the net job-outcome. According to Bloomberg of 02 May 2014, only 62.8% of the eligible work-force is at work, with that rate matching the lowest since March 1978.

According to PBS of 21 February 2014, the BLS has determined that only 27% of jobs in the U.S. economy currently require a college degree (associate degree or higher). By comparison, the Current Population Survey, a monthly survey of 60,000 households conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, showed that 47 percent of workers have an associate degree or higher. This amounts to huge personal education-debt for no financial reason.

According to Pew Research (Dec. 2010), 10,000 people turn age 65 every day and this phenomenon will obtain through 2029 (baby-boomers). According to Pew, the typical boomer considers old age to be 72, thus a reluctance by many to retire. There are roughly 3.1 million high-school graduates per year. The National Center for Education Statistics projected 1.6 million college graduates in 2014. According to ACURA, just under 66% of high-school grads enrolled in college in 2013, leaving 2 million to enter the work force. This means a total of abut 3.6 million young people chasing jobs currently.

In 2014, there's been an average increase of 215,000 jobs per month. If this is maintained, about 2.6 million new jobs could be expected this year, with at least 3.6 million young people people chasing them in addition to the 11.7 million unemployed. Even if the boomers all quit at age 65, that would present only 3.7 million additional job openings.

These discouraging statistics come at a time when the administration is actively, as promised, regulating many enterprises into downsizing, bankruptcy or otherwise going out of business, thus enhancing stagnation/regression at a time when a vibrant economy is urgently required and the nation plods (but for how long?) on borrowed/printed money.

The U.S. must have the financial resources to support both a civil and a military establishment—the latter now being dangerously depleted—that can protect the nation, especially in light of the Islamic jihad-threat. This means it must maintain a huge work-force turning out goods and services and thus earning wages to be taxed sufficiently to maintain national defense but not to the extent of killing incentive. The so-called middle class (if there is one anymore) will bear the brunt.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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A Hymn of Justice:

O God of Right (pdf).

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A Thought for the Day:

Safe Fidelity
[Until the imam bleeds!]

It was an act of cowardice, he knew,
But saving his own life would be his due,
And so he built the bomb as he was taught
For striking terror with no battles fought;
The marketplace he could – with his remote –
Fragment, with all survivors taking note
Of their rewards if they did not comply
With ayatollah's edicts...from on high.

He once had thought that he would soon enlist
In some jihadist army to resist
The westernizing, Christian hypocrites
To whom he would award some grim obits;
But, then, bin Laden's homicidal thugs
Had – suicidal – drunk from hemlock mugs
And deemed U.S. corruption so intense
That they took leave of all plain common sense.

The teaching – paradisical delights
For those who crash to ashes airline flights –
He heard, as well, but simply had some doubt
And little strong incentive to find out
Since what the imams taught as tour de force
Was not a thing that they would do, of course...
In spite of claiming dedication, rare,
They deemed their lives too precious to forbear.

His thoughts he kept concealed while in the mosque,
Kept silent in the marketplace kiosk,
And figured it fight
But wage his war with threat of danger slight;
It was an act of cowardice, he knew,
And yet to Allah he could still be true
By recognizing plain reality –
Just terrorize in safe fidelity.

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NOTE: The latest endeavor by the keeper of this corner is a book of poetry: TWILIGHT & OTHER POEMS. This is a fourth book of poetry, a genre not observed since the first volume, published ten years ago, until 2012, this being the third since then. The intervening years were devoted to prose of one kind or another…novels, short stories, satire, philosophy and, of course, Internet-driven blogs. Another poetic endeavor during that time was the writing of church hymns, both texts and music, and a book of commentaries concerning them. Though not by design, all the books in verse have had the element of time as a sort of anchor, perhaps because of the writer’s long-in-the-tooth age. All sorts of subjects are treated though this volume may be more politically prolific than the others; however, all have expressed concerns about governance, particularly in the United States. In the writer’s view, the nation, besides suffering under poor governance currently, is also suffering a moral emergency, with the government aiding and abetting – if not causing – a moral decline. While sin is defined by God, morals are determined by the individual, so there’s wild disagreement with that statement but to each his own, and each is entitled to his own soapbox…or pulpit. Religion (including religious practices…or malpractices) is also an important subject handled in this offering, not surprising since the writer’s faith is of utmost importance. Also included are short vignette-like pictures in verse that tell a story. The writer hopes to at least provoke thought, never mind if he seems a bit off-the-wall and out-of-touch.

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Japan Surrenders Aboard USS Missouri 02 September 1945, ending WWII

[The price - 407,316 dead GIs plus 671,278 wounded]

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