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Updated 07 December 2016

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Clark's Corner -

Flawed Election Explanation

In an op-ed in the Lexington, Ky., Herald-Leader of 27 November, former newspaperman Al Smith attempted to explain why democrat Representative Martha Jane King of Logan County was defeated in the recent election, citing the usual things like being outspent (those evil Koch brothers and their Pacs) and spurious advertising showing her pictured with Hillary Clinton and blaming her for favoring most anything like abortion and same-sex marriages, things that rile a lot of folks and not just in Logan County.  

I don’t know how King feels about those or other subjects but I also don’t believe that sort of opposition ended her incumbency.  Courthouses in Kentucky and most state officials are still democrat, but the legislature and governorship have changed drastically, especially the House, which was not just overturned but turned upside-down (64-36, veto-proof) and made republican-run for the first time in nearly a hundred years.  The Senate has been republican for a long time.  

King became the victim of “Trumpism,” and it didn’t help her chances that Clinton’s abundantly transparent CQ (corruption-quota), with Trump using the term “Crooked Hillary” to good advantage, was divulged gradually all through the campaign.  Democrats were thrown out of state legislatures nationwide.  Guilt by association is a killer. Nationally, Clinton had avowed to continue Obama's tortured management, so the vote was also a referendum on the president.  

King lost her seat by a two-to-one margin, a landslide, just as Clinton lost the electoral college by a landslide 306-232.  Apparently, only one county out of 120 Kentucky counties (Jefferson) voted for Clinton.  In national elections, Kentucky has voted republican for years, at least tolerating the often-crooked democrat courthouse corruption, but trusting national issues only to republicans. Just one Kentucky member of Congress (from Jefferson County) is a democrat.  Nationally, only four states between the west coast democrat-cabal and the Northeast coast-cabal voted Trump, i.e., “flyover country,” where most of  Hillary’s “deplorables” live. The entire Southeast went for Trump.  

While Smith’s explanation for King’s defeat was flawed, he shed some light on the tolerated corruption of Kentucky politics, reminiscing about the days when “Doc” Beauchamp ran the state.  He might have mentioned that highway contractors sort of did, also.  Indeed, in recent memory, one can testify to the shenanigans and investigations/surveillances of former democrat governors and their administrations, as well as the legislatures.

Reaching back to the 70s, Governor (later Senator) Wendell Ford was indicted by a Grand Jury concerning an insurance scheme. His successor, Julian Carroll, was investigated by a Grand Jury in an insurance scam, after which his protege, Sonny Hunt, also a legislator as well as state democrat party chairman was convicted and did serious time. Carroll was under yet another federal investigation when he left office in 1979.

Carroll's successor, John Y. Brown, was investigated by a federal Grand Jury concerning a $1.3 million withdrawal from a bank (to pay gambling debts...maybe?) and was under surveillance concerning drug-trafficking, a cocaine-drug-smuggling ring operating in Lexington at the time. Governor Martha Layne Collins ran into a conflict of interest brouhaha over the gift of a $35,000 piano, whilst hubby Bill was convicted of extorting $1.1 million accruing to contributions from state contractors.

Her successor, Wallace Wilkinson, was investigated over numerous charges (remember the book sales) and a $418 million bankruptcy case. His successor, Brerton Jones, received illegally large contributions to his campaign from National Guard officers, who were later promoted or given government appointments, while the adjutant-general went to jail for 18 months or so. Jones's successor, Paul Patton, suffered a sexual harassment lawsuit by a woman with whom he had an affair and experienced both FBI and Ethics Commission probes.

More than a dozen legislators were convicted in the early 90s via an FBI sting (selling votes...remember BOPTROT-HUMANA) and the longest-serving House Speaker up to then, Don Blandford, was given 64 months in the Pen.

Yeah, politics are the damnedest in Kentucky. Al Smith knows and covered it.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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A Hymn of Justice:

O God of Right (pdf).

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Thoughts for the Day:

Pearl Harbor
[day of infamy]

Must mortal mind just be resigned
To wickedness that awful day,
The day of infamy designed
To make a killing field relay
The message to a peaceful land
Of subjugation…understand?

Without a warning – evil plan –
A rain of death from clear blue sky,
With tons of bombs to kill each man
Or cripple any strong reply
From either him or any force,
Imply surrender…sole recourse.

To be resigned…or understand…
That any nation may descend
Upon another, take its land,
Enslave its people…freedom end,
Establish bloodshed as the norm
For world relations to re-form?

To be resigned…or understand…
The answer – neither! – on that day.
Bloodthirsty swarms sought upper hand,
The peaceful ones below screamed – Nay! –
Not be resigned…not to accept,
Instead, they formed their own concept.

Pearl Harbor…bloody killing field!
Three thousand dead, more thousands bled.
What…four years later…did it yield –
A shattered world still dripping red,
A broken world with mourning rife
And, sadly, not an end to strife?

Must mortal mind then be resigned
To evil such as on that day?
No…just as evil ones designed
That bloodshed…others do today.
There is a way to understand
The right concept…protect one's land.

The monuments on land and sea
Proclaim that freedom will obtain
When nations counter infamy,
No matter cost…no matter pain.
Pearl Harbor rose from infamy
To now abide, both strong and free.

The evil ones in killing field
Awoke a peaceful sleeping giant,
Convinced its people…never yield,
But hate all defiant.
So none there died in infamy…
Oh no…they bled to victory.

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From A Layman's THEOLOGY:Taking the course of least resistance is a normal attribute of man. Thus, rather than assume responsibility for some, if not most, of the weightier matters, man is likely to ascribe to God as "acts of providence" all things that happen, especially the ones that are unpleasant. In this, he is correct on only one premise, to wit, that nothing bad or good would happen if there had not been a creation, in the first place. In John 1:2-3, God indicates that He certainly is responsible for the entire creation, since He made it all. This means that God holds Himself responsible for every bad thing that happens - wars, pestilences, earthquakes...even drunken drivers. This also explains why God holds Himself responsible for the sins of mankind. … God is the ruler of all creation, Satan is the ruler of earth, though susceptible at any time to God’s mandates, and man is given the right to follow either entity as he sees fit.

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For the sake of a bit of nostalgia, important during the current pervasive malaise that is a mark of postmodern politics and the greed of a couple of generations, as well as a bit of humor, why not take a look at a couple of books that remark in a light way some of the events, especially connected to the Democrat party, that took place 2004-2010. They're described in the left column, DEMOCRATS & Other Suspects 2004-08 and Democrat World 2008-10, a sort of recession account treated humorously. John Kerry thought he had a lock on the presidency in 2004, when the Ohio returns shot him down, and Barack Hussein Obama saw his Affordable Care Act—also known as Obamacare, among other appellations—enacted into law, with new costly features of the act becoming known as the days go by, as Speaker Pelosi promised, with the employer mandate already years behind in its implementation by...yep...executive order, so what else is new? It’s all in good fun and represents for one thing that politicians, like all others, have feet made of clay and brains that are sometimes on vacation, if not altogether removed from the planet, the case for some of them.

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