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Updated 09 June 2016

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Clark's Corner -


CAVEAT ALERT! To some, the following will be racist or insensitive or politically incorrect or anti-diversity or bigoted or disrespect for the dead. It’s none of those things, just a look at how people act in life and react to death, especially celebrity-death, the point of reference being the death of Muhammad Ali, also known at one time as Cassius Clay, Jr. Also, I consider prizefighting a cruel and crude “sport,” marked as much by corruption as by the pain. One wonders, for instance, about the second Ali/Liston fight that lasted less than three minutes.

Ali shouted, “I'm the greatest,” and the phrase took off in both the public and especially the media, both of which have virtually deified him. Ali didn’t say the greatest of what but he’s been termed the greatest of a lot of things by government officials and others such as goodwill ambassador, boxer, representative of the nation, etc.

The term “greatest” needs to be placed in the proper perspective. Most will agree that greatness is ascribed to those who in a good cause make the greatest sacrifice possible, the ultimate being one’s life. Thus, the nineteen-year-old soldier shipped home in a box from the Middle East has achieved greatness, while at age 19 Ali was well into his career, which involved bashing people’s brains into mush for money – not a great cause.

It has been claimed over and over that Ali was the “greatest” boxer of all time, even though he was savagely beaten a number of times. The greatest heavyweight boxer since at least the 1940s was Rocky Marciano, who held the championship in the 1950s. He fought 49 times, including numerous bouts for the title. He won every bout, 43 by knockouts, and simply retired, never beaten. He also served in the army 1943-46 (drafted) during WWII, though he could have claimed to be a conscientious objector. The greatest heavyweight of the last hundred years was Joe Louis, who held the title 1937-49, the longest such tenure in boxing history. In his prime, he enlisted in the army for WWII.

Ali dodged the Draft, however, in the Vietnam era, claiming upon religious grounds since he had converted to Islam and described himself as a minister of sorts. Elijah Muhammad, head pooh-bah of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam at the time, is said to have given him the name Ali. Elijah and the NOI were later condemned by Malcolm X because of Elijah’s adulterous activities with young girls, and was assassinated soon after. Fittingly, Ali died on the eve of Ramadan.

Ali remained a practitioner of Islam until his death, though Louis Farrakhan became its head and is best-known for his hate-speeches/writings concerning white people, including Jews. As a good Muslim, he should have been buried within 24 hours of death. That couldn’t happen because Ali had contrived a two-inch-thick document mandating his “funeral” arrangements, which sort of tied-up Louisville, his birthplace, for hours and hours, especially by a long hearse-processional (19 miles) through city-streets…sort of in-your-face stuff. Ali’s father claimed that the Muslims taught Ali to hate white people.

Ali was convicted of draft-avoidance, given a five-year sentence, but escaped it on a technicality. As a conscientious objector, to dodge the Draft he had to swear he was against all wars, which he did, but apparently had forgotten that he was on the record as willing to fight in a war involving Islam. Somehow (one wonders), this was not introduced correctly, if at all, at trial so he went free.

Much has been made of the three years the greatest couldn’t fight anywhere (all licenses nullified or not considered and passport revoked), thus costing him money. He spent that time railing against the war. Baseball-player Ted Williams batted .406, an unbelievable feat in 1941, had a Draft deferral but enlisted in the Navy anyway in 1942 and was recalled (fighter pilot) during the Korean War, during which he was shot down once, thus giving up five years in his absolute prime time (lifetime average .344 and 521 home-runs). One can only wonder what that five years cost him and hordes of fellow-pros who traded their skills, potential records and money for military service.

Ali was/is an idol for many, but actually he was just the “Greatest Narcissist.”

And so it goes.
Jim Clark

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A Hymn of Justice:

O God of Right (pdf).

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Thoughts for the Day:

Jihad Johnny
[Allah Akbar!]

Old Jihad Johnny slashed their necks,
Their heads bit dust, the bloody wrecks,
With well-honed knife he slit their throats,
Screamed “Allah Akbar, bloody shoats!”
The ayatollah loved the show
But kept his distance...blood could flow
And stain his long white priestly gown,
Though Christian slaves could scrub it down.
The imams hung around old John...
He lived in England till upon
The day he left to find out why
He killed small dogs, made children cry.
He found a home there in Iraq
When he discovered chopping-block
Was not for dogs or goats, indeed,
But infidels, to weep then bleed;
The mullahs taught him Allah's word,
That infidel-lives were absurd...
At least Mohammad got that down
When caravans were not in town
For him to plunder, take some slaves
To rape awhile, send to their graves.
Old John learned fast the art of slice,
The dog-blood never smelled so nice,
His job beat marching in the sand...
The imams rushed to shake his hand.
And as his evening prayer was said
He begged to fill Christians with dread,
His grand philosophy was terse –
Of Jews and Christians nothing worse
Than letting them live on and on
Midst Allah's word that they be gone.
Of all those known as infidel
Or Shiite, who should be in hell,
He was right glad to put them there
And gain rewards for courage, rare,
Although his victims were bound—tight—
Could make no threats, however slight,
To give someone a fighting chance
Just ruined with blood his safe romance.
John filmed be-headings, loved the fame,
When films were shown he loved the shame
When westerners defiled his name... Iraq was glad he came.

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From A Layman's THEOLOGY:Taking the course of least resistance is a normal attribute of man. Thus, rather than assume responsibility for some, if not most, of the weightier matters, man is likely to ascribe to God as "acts of providence" all things that happen, especially the ones that are unpleasant. In this, he is correct on only one premise, to wit, that nothing bad or good would happen if there had not been a creation, in the first place. In John 1:2-3, God indicates that He certainly is responsible for the entire creation, since He made it all. This means that God holds Himself responsible for every bad thing that happens - wars, pestilences, earthquakes...even drunken drivers. This also explains why God holds Himself responsible for the sins of mankind. … God is the ruler of all creation, Satan is the ruler of earth, though susceptible at any time to God’s mandates, and man is given the right to follow either entity as he sees fit.

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For the sake of a bit of nostalgia, important during the current pervasive malaise that is a mark of postmodern politics and the greed of a couple of generations, as well as a bit of humor, why not take a look at a couple of books that remark in a light way some of the events, especially connected to the Democrat party, that took place 2004-2010. They're described in the left column, DEMOCRATS & Other Suspects 2004-08 and Democrat World 2008-10, a sort of recession account treated humorously. John Kerry thought he had a lock on the presidency in 2004, when the Ohio returns shot him down, and Barack Hussein Obama saw his Affordable Care Act—also known as Obamacare, among other appellations—enacted into law, with new costly features of the act becoming known as the days go by, as Speaker Pelosi promised, with the employer mandate already years behind in its implementation by...yep...executive order, so what else is new? It’s all in good fun and represents for one thing that politicians, like all others, have feet made of clay and brains that are sometimes on vacation, if not altogether removed from the planet, the case for some of them.

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D-DAY...06 June 1944

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